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10 Stocking Fillers for Beauty Junkies and Makeup Lovers

pressed glitter stocking filler

Here are the Top 10 Stocking fillers for Beauty Junkies and Make up lovers that won't break the bank. Whether you are buying stocking fillers for a teenage daughter, make up loving bestie, sister or girlfriend, this list of beauty products and tools will ensure you give them something original and USEFUL.

1.Illuminated travel mirror that sticks to glass

stocking filler makeup mirror
stocking filler makeup mirror


Get fancy with the Fancii 7X Magnification, Illuminated travel makeup mirror with suction cup and 360 degree rotation! So you can stick it to any window or hotel mirror when travelling and still have good makeup lighting, a reliable mirror and look good on the go. Also a great gift for glasses wearers, who will be able to see what they are doing with the magnification and LED rim. This one has the best reviews, I found cheaper ones but the reviews seemed to mention that their suction cups lose suction after a while, where as this one got 5 star reviews all round. Price £18.99 

Click here to buy. 


2. Charcoal and Bamboo Blotting papers 

Blotting papers are a brilliant gift for makeup lovers and teenagers. Rather than piling on the face powder to conceal shine, just press these blotting papers onto oily areas to instantly absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup. These also only have 2 ingredients, one of which is Charcoal - brilliant at absorbing toxins, pollutants and bacteria. Blotting papers will keep skin and makeup looking fresh all day as natural oils come through the skin, without stripping it or smothering it with more makeup. They are cheap and handbag/school bag size! Price £2.99

TIP: Order online from Superdrug and get FREE POSTAGE if you have the Superdrug Health & Beauty card!



3. Say Yes To Coconut Cleansing Wipes

Now usually I try to sway people off using makeup wipes, at least on an everyday basis. However you can feel guilt free with these amazing Coconut cleansing wipes by 'Yes To' because they boast:

- lovely ingredients such as flower extracts, coconut water and organic coconut oil.

- 96% natural
- Cruelty-free & Leaping Bunny Certified
- Suitable for vegans
- Formulated without parabens, silicones & SLS
- Enriched with natural sunflower seed oil, kukui nut extract and banana
- Made with compostable, natural cloth; FSC Fabric

All Yes To packaging is recyclable, including the wipes themselves which are compostable. What an environmentally friendly beauty WIN! At £3.99 you can only say 'Yes To' them. 


4. Light up a Christmas stocking with these Blushing Hearts Highlighters by I Heart Makeup.

I talk about these far too much on my Youtube channel and will continue to do so beacuse they are £4.99 and rival highlighters by Luxury makeup brands in quality. Everytime I wear them I get stopped by people and asked what highlighter I'm wearing. For the price they are unbeatable. If you are buying for a fair skin tone go for 'Iced Hearts' and for Medium/Deep skintones go for the 'Dragon's Heart'

stocking filler iced hearts
Iced Hearts Triple Baked Blusher


stocking filler dragons heart
Dragon's Heart Highlighter and Blusher

if you want to know more watch my video on them:

5. The W7 IT'S MAGIC Makeup remover cloth, a time saving and skin loving treat for any makeup wearer. Simple dampen the microfibre cloth with water and wipe your makeup away for instantly clean skin- no makeup remover needed! Just chuck it in the washing machine every few days. It even removes eye makeup, perfect for a 1st step cleanse! Price £4.97 plus free delivery on Amazon UK. 

Click here to buy.                             

                                                             image source amazon.

6. Another genius product from W7 is the Shade n Swap, simply swipe your makeup brush over the sponge pad to instantly clean your brush of previous eyeshadows and have a fresh brush ready to dip into a new colour. No washing just a clean eyeshadow brush in an instant. Price £3.49. 

stocking filler shade swapperClick here to buy.

image source:


7. The new Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops are AMAZING! For the price, they are the best drugstore version of the Cover FX custom enhancer Highlighting drops and Iconic London Illuminator Drops that the youtube beauty community have been obsessed with this year. I think the nicest shade is 'Precious Pearl' whereas Olive skin tones will look great in 'Beam me up' and deeper skintones 'Liquid Fortune', pictured below. These can be mixed in with moisturisers and foundations or dabbed around the face for a dewy glow. Each retail for £6.99 and if that wasn't reason enough they are Vegan and Cruelty free! Find them HERE


8. Magnetic Eyeshadow palettes are a godsend for aspiring MUAs and makeup collectors who need to depot their essential shades to create custom makeup palettes to travel with. Particularly ones as gorgeous as these by CrowdColour. They have lots of stunning designs to choose from including the Gold Fractal, Mermaid scales and Marbled Rose Gold Palettes shown below. Prices range from £10.99-£16.99

magnetic makeup palette
Gold Fractal Palette
magnetic makeup palette mermaid
Mermaid Scales in Golden Blue
Rose Gold Marble

9. Any Make up enthusiast is going to love a pressed GLITTER eyeshadow to go in their beautiful custom palette so look no further than GLITTEREYES pressed Glitter eyeshadows. Brilliant quality in amazing colour combinations from £6.99.


'Stardust' pressed glitter by GlitterEyes
pressed glitter stocking filler
'Nirvana' Pressed glitter eyeshadow

Souce: Glitter Eyes Official

pressed glitter stocking filler
'Barely There' pressed Glitter eyeshadow

10. The finishing touch for any glamazon is long fluttery lashes. The Ardell Faux Mink Lashes are luxurious, fluffy false lashes that are also cruelty free. They are great for all eye shapes and will take every girl's  makeup to the next level of Fabulous this party season!

faux mink lashes stocking filler

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