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A Guide to the Best Mermaid and Unicorn Gifts for Christmas

mermaid unicorn gifts

WELCOME to my Christmas Gift Guide for Mermaid and Unicorn gifts on Etsy. Whether you are looking for stocking fillers & Christmas gifts for your teenage daughter, best friend or other half because they love Mermaids and Unicorns - I'VE GOT YOU COVERED! 

I believe some of the best creators of magical, handmade products can be found on Etsy. It's a brilliant platform for grass roots businesses and Indie brands to showcase their amazing talents. When I'm researching for the Beauty Column I write for 'FAE Magazine - Faeries & Enchantment', I always peruse Etsy because I find Mermaid, Unicorn and Fairy themed products I couldn't find anywhere else. There are other-worldly creations on Etsy you will never find in shops or other websites.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

unicorn horn bubble bar

Rainbow Bath Bomb waffles

rainbow sprinkles waffle bomb
  1. Make Bathtime full of colour and bubbles. The Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar smells of Sweet cherry, raspberry, grape  and strawberries, fused with a sugary sweet rock candy, tangy citrus and icy peppermint frost with just a kiss of vanilla! If that's not enough to get your mouth watering I don't know what is. Just break off sections of the bubble horn and crumble under running water for bountiful amounts of bubbles. Price: £5.82  Find it HERE.
  2. Rainbow Sprinkles Bath Bomb Waffles, for another bath treat good enough to eat and a perfect stocking filler. Just drop a waffle in a pre-run bath for an explosion of sweet vanilla, strawberry Jam and Fried Dough. With added skin soothing ingredients to moisturize and nourish. Price: £3.88 Both these bath products are by Sugar Milk Co on Etsy

3. Mermaid Tail Blankets by Babies and Cuddles on Etsy.

I am the proud owner of 2 knitted Mermaid Tail blankets and I love to snuggle up on the sofa in them. These come in an array of colours and styles however I have to admit I'm quite smitten by the Unicorn Rainbow style Mermaid tail! (below). You can buy these in different sizes for babies, children or adults so no one has to miss out on being cosy in style. The prices vary depending on the size ofcourse. Find them HERE.

rainbow mermaid tail blanket

If there is one thing that Mermaids and Unicorns have in common, it's SPARKLE! Everyone one I've ever met who vibes with Mermaids and Unicorns is partial to a bit of glitter

Lubov Cosmetics is a Cruelty-free, Vegan, Indie makeup brand that I have RAVED about since featuring them in FAE Magazine. Not only is their makeup made in small batches, in an ethical way, but it really PERFORMS.

4. Any Unicorn and Mermaid is going to LOVE receiving a pot of XxXtra Holgraphic Unicorn Caviar (Pictures above) it can be dabbed on the face to create a glittering Mermaid or Unicorn makeup look. But the genius of this little pot is that is contains actual gems plus all different sizes and shapes of holographic glitter. For a face that can literally create rainbows. Price £24.83

5. I've also talked about their Unicorn Nymphetamine Highlighter (pictured below) on Instagram because it's the most blinding highlighter I own. Price: £5.42 See it in action on my Instagram.



Unicorn Highlighter
Unicorn Nymphetamine Highlighter

6. For Instant Iridescent Mermaid scales try press on glitter in 'Angelfish' by Glitter Eyes on Etsy. No glue needed, just swipe your finger in the pan and apply directly to face and body for festival worthy Mermaid sparkle. Price £6.99

7. Now Mermaids and Unicorns need somewhere to store all their glitter makeup. So where better than this stunning Rainbow Unicorn Art print makeup bag/ pencil case by the talented artist Bianca Loran. She also has an array of prints and designs for Anime/Comic enthusiasts. Price £17.12

8. Now what Mermaid wouldn't appreciate a Mermaid Wine Glass to drink from over the holiday season. Especially when it is engraved with the perfect motto "Ofcourse I drink like a fish, I'm a Mermaid." The glass even has a glitter stem! They also offer a hilarious Beauty & The Beast themed wine glass for any Disney fans. Mermaid wine glass by LinDreamsGlass on Etsy Price £7.50

mermaid wine glass

9. I guarantee no Unicorns were harmed in the making of these incredible Unicorn Head Wall Mounts, complete with pastel, rainbow and glitter finishes. The perfect way to decorate a Unicorn's bedroom or studio for something Bespoke they will not already have! See BespokenOfStudio's Etsy shop for all the different colour combinations available. Prices vary from £46

glitter unicorn head mount

10. Mystic Mermaid Sequin and velvet Reversible Cushion : This comes in different sizes to fit different budgets and makes it a perfect gift for mermaids big and small. The reversible mermaid colour sequins are addictive to swipe your hand across and reveal a new colour underneath. A theraputic way to keep kids and adults busy.These are thew nicest quality sequin cushions I have seen with a velvet back and different shape options. Prices range from £9.30- £21.71 Checkout StylishPillowShop on Etsy

11. If you are in the UK and looking to get your hands on a Unicorn reversible Sequin cushion in time for Christmas look no further than KeeraKeepsakes on Etsy Price £12-16

unicorn sequin pillow
mermaid unicorn gift

12. Every Unicorn needs a Unicorn Horn - or rather this beautiful Rainbow Unicorn Horn Circlet. Perfect for festivals, parties, weddings and Fancy dress events. Handmade by Freckles Fairy Chest. Price £50.41

It's so important to buy from handmade artists and designers this Christmas. Everything is made fairly, with love, in small, fresh batches and has a smaller carbon footprint than the huge corporations out there. When you buy handmade you are directly benefiting another individual human and their family. If you want more mermaid inspo see my Mermaid makeup blog.

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