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Jelly Flower Lipsticks with REAL FLOWERS in?! The Internet Lipstick Sensation

jelly flower lipsticks

How could I not write about the internet Lipstick Sensation that is Kailijumei Lipsticks. A new range of jelly flower lipsticks that are clear, containing flecks of gold and a REAL FLOWER - but you think that's the best bit? They are temperature change lipsticks which means, they look clear but as soon as they touch your lips, they leave a pretty pink stain that it totally tailored to you, by re-acting with your body PH (heat/ chemistry). 

There are a lot of fakes around the internet so you will see them available on different websites for VERY different prices. You can buy the original product directly from the Kailijumei website at:  - note the ones you can find on Amazon and Ebay are likely fakes. I have since found quite a good affordable fake on Ali Express - HOWEVER one cannot be sure the ingredients are safe. I can report nothing bad has happened to me since using the fake version BUT again everyone is different, so I do not take any responsibility for anyone that were to have a reaction if they choose to buy a fake cheaper version . If you do want to see the fake I bought -at your own risk- click HERE.


jelly flower lipsticks
jelly flower lipsticks

I think these are a really fun, quirky and very beautiful product, quite genius by design, but I'm not wowed by the quality of the product itself, just because I didn't find it very moisturising and found it sat in dry areas on the lips. Watch my video to see how it wore through the day and you be the judge. In terms of quality, my favourite lip tint is still the YSL Lip Tint in oil. 

Kailijumei jelly flower lipsticks are a nice display item for any makeup collector or to shock people when your out in public and casually take out these magical looking lipsticks that change colour on your lips, to have them stare at you wide eyed like WHAT NEW SORCERY IS THIS!!!??

To see me swatch them live with my first impressions, watch the video below. 


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