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FOAMO Holographic Hair Foam by IGK

FOAMO Holographic Hair Foam


FOAMO HOLOGRAPHIC HAIR FOAM, the product that is about to take the hair industry in a very magical direction, by a brand that has been making waves in the beauty world since they arrived on the scene, IGK.

4 Gentlemen stylists from L.A came together to create the hair brand IGK, with certain products being created for celebrity clients such as Jared Leto. I hear all 4 stylists are very attractive which always helps too.

FOAMO is the first Holographic Hair Foam (to my knowledge) and repeatedly sells out as soon as it restocks. 

So me being a Fairy trapped in the body of a human, addicted to all things rainbow, glitter, sparkle jumped on this product to try it out. I can only say sorry the photos aren't better but I challenge you to take a good photo of the top of your own head.

It comes in 2 colour options: 'Moon Rock' and 'Meteor' - Meteor is the one you will see me trying out in the following photos:

Foamo with flash

Now let me iron out one thing:  it is iridescent glitter hair foam, that flashes between a few colors, not holographic as so many beauty products claim to be these days. But I’m not mad at it. The fact it’s iridescent glitter rather than Holographic doesn’t make this product bad. However, you do need to use this product in quite a specific way to get the very cool result it can deliver. So a few of my friends and I tried it out: Friend 1 who had her hair down loose, applied it through her hair and it just didn’t seem to work, she got more glimmer all over her clothes than in her hair as it shook out. So I don't recommend it in loose straight hair. I had put my hair up in a greasy bun to hide my day 3 hair and thought ‘My hair can’t look worse anyway’ so I began smoothing the Foamo mousse straight into my finished style and pressing it into my bun, another of my friends did the same and what we discovered was that the shade ‘Meteor’ flashes between iridescent blue and purple, it tends to look a bit grey and murky when applied to blonde hair so it actually suits dark hair better.

I haven’t tried the ‘Moon Rock’ shade which flashes between iridescent pink and purple but it likely suits blondes better. Though I have very dark hair I REALLY want to try the pink as I think I will like it even more.

FOAMO Holographic Hair foam
FOAMO Holographic Hair foam
FOAMO Holographic Hair foam
Foamo brushed through the hair

To work and look good, Foamo needs to be pressed into a finished style, or scrunched into curls or textured hair.

If you want to put it in long straight hair it’s only really going to look good in styles that are slicked back at the front of the hair and applied like a hair gel.

This is a great product for festivals, to scrunch into space buns or hide day 2/3 hair that has passed into bun only territory. It will make a boring top knot look extra-terrestrial cool and it will basically make you look like a more interesting person, which is what most of us are going for at Festivals. Let’s be real. It would also look amazing pressed into mini braids and I've even seen people using stencils on their hair with Foamo. It does make you look like you have quite vibrantly dyed hair for anyone that wants purple/blue or pink hair for the day and doesn't want to commit to dying their hair.

What makes this product one of a kind is the way they have done the glitter which is so tiny and shimmery rather than chunks of glitter, it makes your hair shimmer rather than glitter, like back in the 90's when I’d spray Stargazer Glitter hair spray until my hair was crisp for school discos.

Another plus to the product is that it washes out so easily and effortlessly when you next shampoo your hair, you aren’t left with any glitter particles on the scalp or irritation at all. My only query with the Foamo is how environmentally friendly the glitter is, seeing as it ends up being washed down the plug hole and into our water systems.  I would think it is more environmentally friendly than actual glitter as the particles are so so tiny but I honestly don’t know enough about it to say whether the size of the glitter particles makes them less environmentally problematic? I am purely querying at this point.

If you do want to try the Foamo you will have to be quick as it’s already selling out everywhere online and in stores. Only certain Space NK stores are stocking this in store so your best bet is to go online for it HERE. Retail Price £19.

You can also buy it from Sephora for anyone in the US and other countries.

Beware if you do take a can of it to festivals this summer, you will have all your friends and surrounding tents asking you if they can borrow it and it won’t go very far!

FOAMO Holographic Hair foam

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