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Detoxifying Skincare to purify your skin after the festive season | Atlantis Fae


My Top Detoxifying skincare products to start your 2018 with clear, fresh looking skin and get you GLOWING again!

It's Officially 2018! Which means firstly:


2: It's time for some Detoxifying Skincare. We are all feeling a bit groggy after the Festive period, all that drinking and eating in excess means a deep clean with some purifying products is in order. Alcohol and foods high in fat and sugar create Dull skin, congestion, blackheads and most prominently DEHYDRATION. So here are my top skincare picks to help soothe and purify the skin and get it glowing again:

  1. Darphin Vetiver Aromatic Care Stress Relief Detox Oil Mask

I am possibly the most excited about this recommendation as it has JUST LAUCHED! I used it both on New Years Eve to prep my skin before doing my makeup and again on New Years Day when I needed some serious detoxifying after a long night of drinking. I LOVE IT. I'm so head over heels for this mask. Why?

  • The texture is a work of art, it is somehow an oil and a light gel at the same time. You massage it into clean skin, leave for 10 minutes and wash of with water, it emulsifies turning milky and doesn't leave any uncomfortable residue.
  • It makes a visible difference. It hydrates skin and nourishes whilst fighting impurities at the same time.
  • The oils in it will nourish dry skin and will help balance oily skin by telling it that it has enough oil and doesn't need to produce more. Putting natural plant oils on Oliy/spotty skin does NOT make it more spotty or oily.
  • Ingredients like chamomile and the gel texture are so soothing and calming, it takes down redness and has anti-inflammatory properties.  
  • You get a decent amount in the 50ml jar. The price is right for the quantitiy, performance and quality of the ingredients.
  • 99% of the ingredients are from natural origin.
  • The golden calendula flower petals suspended in the oil/gel make it visually stunning to look at and have on display in your bathroom. 
  • Great for all skin types from oily, combination to dry, even sensitive skin types should be fine but try a sample first if you are reactive to essential oils.
  • The ingredients also boast Moringa seed oil, French lavender oil, Geranium oil (hormone balancer), bergamot oil, marjoram oil, sage oil, clary oil, myrrh oil, cananga flower oil, anti-oxident extracts and finally the vetiver is restorative and de-stressing for skin.

You can find it HERE.

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2. Green Ceremony Cleanser by Odacite

The ingredients in this Cleanser have to be the cleanest and greenest I have ever seen. 

There are only 8 ingredients in total which is barely anything for a cleansing formulation and they include Organic Matcha leaf powder, Honey, Spirulina powder, Aloe Vera powder. These are all very anti-bacterial, purifying ingredients. This cleanser would be perfect as a once a week detox cleanse for any skin type, or a more regular treatment for acneic/ blemish prone skins.

There is no added fragrance which I love, spirulina does have a fairly strong smell naturally but it doesn't bother me in this formula as I know it's doing some good. This is a powder cleanser which you take a 20 pence size amount in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of water and it starts to become soft and foamy. I like using this cleanser on weekend mornings when I can leave it on for 10 minutes, especially when I've been out the night before! On New Years Day I also left it on while I was in the bath and will definitely do that again, it dries and feels a bit like a face mask and then when you wash it off you feel squeaky clean. It's like giving your face a drink of green tea! 

It is in powder form because the ingredients stay at their most potent when in a cold-pressed powder and when liquid and moisture is introduced in to formulas, they have to add preservatives which are often not great for your skin. But not in this case! You can find Green Ceremony Cleanser HERE.

3. Pimples Serum Concentrate by Odacite

A direct treatment applied to whiteheads and spots or a drop mixed in with your normal serum. Putting an oil like this onto spots is the quickest way to clear them without scarring. Like I mentioned with the Darphin Mask above, it tells the skin to stop pumping out as much oil. When you use a drying treatment on the spot, your skin is likely to try and produce more oil to compensate for being dried out with clays and alcohols, meaning the spot is likely to hang around for longer or just come back. When you dry out a spot you also dry out the skin immediately surrounding the spot, including damaging the top layers of skin of the spot itself, this leaves you with red marks which take ages to heal!

The black cumin oil is super antibacterial and will prevent the bacteria causing the spot from spreading. The Cajeput is as anti-septic as tea tree oil but less aggressive on the skin, so it will help kill the bacteria causing the problems without harming your skin like many spot treatments. You have to try it to believe it, it really works. You can find it HERE.

I'm a complete believer in the Odacite products, every single one I have tried I have loved. There may be something more in depth coming up on my YouTube channel shortly HINT HINT! If you are suffering from dull skin rather than breakouts checkout their Dull Skin Serum Concentrate to power your skin back into health. 


If there is one thing everyone's skin needs right now, it's Hydration.  This time of year every type of skin is prone to dehydration due to alcohol, diet, heating, winds and cold temperatures outside. Thirsty Mud by GLAMGLOW is a brilliant treatment that you can use as a face mask or a sleep mask, which is how I use it.  At night I apply a thin layer over a serum and let it sink in, leaving an instant glow. When I wake up the next morning my skin always looks more plump and there are noticeably less dehydration lines.

When you apply it, it has the sensation of a wave of water going over your face, instantly cooling and refreshing. This has been a favourite skincare product for me for a few years now, it's great for all skin types, dry or combination to oily because it's not heavy, rich or thick, like many hydrating masks. Find Thirsty Mud HERE.

5. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel

My perfect gentle acid peel, it makes such a difference even after the first use. It does not contain glycolic acid which I find too harsh on my skin, however it does contain 3 gentle acids of lactic, mandelic and willow bark extract (salicylic acid). Lactic is a very nourishing and more gentle exfoliating acid that will refine the surface of the skin, aided by the Mandelic acid that also dissolves the glue between your live skin cells and dead ones on the surface and strengthens collagen, whilst the natural form of salicyclic is fat soluble and can go inside the pore and exfoliate it.

This treatment will really clean out the pores and gradually refine them, making the skin surface a lot smoother, softening lines. After cleansing you wipe on step 1, a cloth soaked in the ingredients, wait 2 minutes and then wipe on STEP 2 which neutralizes the AHA'S (stops the exfoliating acids) for a controlled exfoliation.

Very reactive skins should still test the product on a small patch of skin first as it also contains Witchhazel, Retinyl Palmitate (vitamin A) and Ascorbyl Palmitate (vitamin C). Even though it says Daily peel, I personally wouldn't recommend using it every day UNLESS you are having a stubborn breakout or congestion that you are trying to clear before an event, then reduce usage to 1-3 times a week. But remember whilst Salicylic is magical it can be drying over time. 

Find Dr. Dennis Gross Ultra Gentle Daily peel HERE.


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