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The Best Christmas Candles for every Budget

best Christmas Candles

 The Best Christmas Candles for every budget.

Good quality scented candles are a great way to warm the spirit, create an ambiance and bring Christmas to life in the home.

If you’ve seen my Instagram lately you’ll know as soon as Winter took over, so did my obsession with Diptyque candles. Diptyque is one of the best known brands in the fragrance Industry and have been a leading French Perfumer for 50 years. The ones I’m about to mention come in a 70g size for £24 (30 hours burning time) or larger 190g size for £45 (60 hours burning time).

1. POMANDER – Inspired by a winter’s evening, it includes essential oils of toasted cinnamon, orange and cloves, it is so Christmassy, a really comforting and cosy scent. You can find it HERE.

best christmas candle

2. ORANGER – This is NOT a candle that smells of your average orange. It's a deep enveloping blend of orange oil with cinnamon and clove – though similar to the Pomander notes, it smells completely different! They have added the green leaves and spiced bark to make a multi layered scent. The ORANGER is a luxurious and uplifting Christmas candle where as POMANDER is more warming and comforting in comparison. You can find ORANGER HERE.

Diptyque Oranger best christmas candles

3. FEU DE BOIS – Picture yourself in a secluded wood cabin in the depths of the woods, it’s been snowing outside and your roaring log fire is now reduced to smouldering embers, you are breathing in the scent of a freshly brewed cup of Lapsang Souchong tea cradled in your hands. This is the scent of the Feu de bois candle, it's the coziest aroma of gentle wood smoke and spices. I can’t convey how much I love this and get excited to buy it each winter. You can have the experience of a log fire without having to build and light a log fire. Find it HERE.

Feu de bois best christmas candle

Diptyque also bring out a new range of Limited Edition Christmas Candles every year, click HERE to be tempted by this year’s collection. I’m such a traditionalist and somehow always come back to the 3 I’ve listed above. 

For a more Budget friendly Christmas candle try:

  1. SPACE NK Shimmering Spice Candle: This is one Christmas candle that is so worth the money and more. This candle epitomizes that first spray of opening a clementine. It's citrusy and uplifting, a really joyful scent all round. It has the familiar scents of cinnamon, spices mingled with mandarin, just a touch of vanilla and the warmth of cedar. Perfect to burn at your Christmas Drinks Party or when having people round. The smell of this in general is really cheery and anti-depressant, it's great to give as a gift or light when you are feeling weary. 

Shimmering spice comes in 2 sizes:  75g - £16 - 20hrs burning time                 

175g - £26 – 40hrs burning time

Find it HERE.

shimmering spice best christmas candle

It's worth knowing that Manzanita Capital is the company that owns both SPACE NK and Diptyque.  I really think this is why the Space NK own brand of ‘Shimmering Spice candle’ is so phenomenal – it’s the same company as Diptyque and will have access to the top candle making facilities and technology.

5. St. Eval Candle company Orange & Cinnamon Christmas candles are not only stunning quality but they come in a size to fit every budget. The Orange & Cinnamon is my favourite for Christmas but *HINT HINT* they even do a 'Figgy Pudding' scented Candle. 

The pack of 9 tealights costs £7.99 and has 56 hours burning time! 

Orange & Cinnamon comes in every size including a Pillar candle half dipped in Gold! £15.50

6. The White Company WINTER Candle and Scented Diffuser.

This has been a favourite Christmas scent in my family for years! And in all honesty I'm holding out on buying them because I usually get the mini votive or room diffuser in my stocking - yes I still get a stocking.

The candle comes in a 12 pack of tea lights (£15), small votive (£10) and Botanical pillar candles £26. The Scented Diffuser (£27) will leave your home constantly smelling decadent throughout the season. 

best christmas candles white company

For more Christmas inspiration, see my last blog on the perfect stocking filler for any beauty junkie HERE.

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